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The Keystone Party is dedicated to assisting you in upholding the rights and freedoms of all Manitobans. By working together in a respectful manner, we can harness our collective capabilities to our advantage.

Our mission is to provide you with the opportunity to create a stronger, united Manitoba and a government that is directly accountable to the people of our province.

We believe the potential of Manitobans is unlimited when you and your fellow members have the opportunity to use your abilities, knowledge and wisdom to create the policies our representatives and government take to the Legislature."

Message from the Keystone Party

The Keystone Party would like to express appreciation for the thousands who supported us by contributing their time and finances to our campaigns and for those who supported us by voting for our candidates.

Manitobans have discovered that they have an alternative. Our candidates had roughly 90 days and limited resources to create and run an election campaign, placing third in each of the five ridings, that we ran candidates, Keystone is showing that we are a force to be reckoned with.

We look forward to the next election in 2027. In the meantime, we encourage the many who expressed disappointment that we did not have a candidate in their riding to join with their neighbours, form a constituency association and join us in writing the policies most important to Manitobans at our 2025 convention.

In 2026, constituency associations will be choosing candidates to represent them. These candidates will bring the concerns and priorities of their constituents to the Manitoba Legislature.

We are not going to sleep between elections; we will be watching the legacy parties and listening to our constituents to position ourselves to become the choice that Manitobans make on Election Day in 2027.


Use the links below to download and read our interim policies which will be amended as needed and approved by members at the 2025 convention.

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