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Structure of the Keystone Party

The Keystone Party of Manitoba is committed to giving Manitobans a voice:

Our party is structured to ensure that the voices of Manitobans are heard at all levels of our province.

The Constituency Associations are represented by candidates that are elected by their local community members without interference from the Party Leader or Caucus. Local representatives are encouraged to maintain ongoing communication and dialogue with the members of their riding.

Constituency Associations are grouped into 14 regional districts. Constituency Association members are encouraged to attend regional district meetings that are held each year that a general election or Convention does not occur. Constituency Association Presidents, Candidates, and the Provincial Board Representatives or delegates are required to attend the meetings.

The Provincial Council, an advisory body consisting of the Constituency Association Presidents, is empowered to make recommendations to the Caucus, or Board of Directors.

Our province is divided into 14 districts; the Constituency Associations in that district will elect a representative from their district to sit on the Provincial Board of Directors. The Provincial Board of Directors is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the party.

As the “Keystone of the Party” members hold the power and will vote on all party policy or any changes to the Constitution at Party Conventions that will be held every other year.

The Keystone Party believes that the potential of our citizens is unlimited and we are here to serve and guide them towards economic prosperity and freedom.