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Board Of Directors

Kevin Friesen

Kevin was born in Swan Lake, Manitoba, and raised in Manitou where he graduated from Nellie McClung Collegiate in 1993. He attended both Millar College in Pambrun Sk and the University of Manitoba where he earned his Diploma in Agriculture.  He is married with two children and one son-in-law and in Kevin’s words, “living the Canadian dream”, on the family farm in Manitou. 

Kevin is an avid sports enthusiast and has played several sports at the Provincial and National level.  Music and the Arts are also a favourite pastime.Community involvement has always been a priority.  Kevin was the co-founder, former president and current Vice President-Finance of the Boundary Trails Railway Company which is a “community driven” effort in southern Manitoba. 

Kevin loves to watch things grow.  His passion is to serve this province in such a way that it grows into a prosperous, unified, and free Manitoba for everyone.

David Andres

David Andres is President of the Keystone Party. David resides in the municipality of Ethelbert with his wife of 44 years, Lori Andres. He is a father of three grown sons and a grandfather to five grandchildren.

David has been self-employed for over 43 years, starting with the operation of a tire shop/garage for three years, a general insurance broker for thirty-one years, and for the last fourteen years with contracting/carpentry.

Volunteering is a large party of David’s life, being involved in his community with various organizations including the Lions Club, Curling Club, Skating Rink, Economic Development Board, Recreation Commission, church and the Volunteer Fire Department.

David’s experience with politics includes being the former Reeve of the Municipality of Ethelbert, former Councillor of the Village of Ethelbert, the Chief Financial Officer for two provincial elections in the Dauphin Constituency, and a director of two Constituency Associations. 

Charlene Hancox-Senow

Charlene Hancox-Senow is the Chief Financial Officer of the Keystone Party. Born and raised in Winnipeg, Charlene is a wife and mother of seven, living in Southeastern Manitoba.

After working in Provincial Taxation, Charlene ran successful businesses, worked in the education system, volunteered with several organizations, and chaired a variety of community projects and events, aided in part by her background in accounting.

In addition to working with the Keystone Party, Charlene is home-schooling her two youngest children and working as an administrator with a local home-schooling group.

Like her Metis ancestors, who were instrumental in bringing Manitoba into Confederation, Charlene has a passion to see Manitoba grow and thrive, to be worthy of recognition in Canada, and in the world.

Donnan Mckenna

Donnan McKenna is a retired bi-lingual RCMP Superintendent (30 years) who began his career in Manitoba.  He has provincial, national and international experience in front-line policing, directing operations and was the Commander of the Canadian Peacekeeping Contingent on a United Nations deployment to the Ivory Coast during a time of conflict.  Donnan is a Crime Reduction and Family Violence expert and created the Alberta RCMP Crime Reduction strategy.  Donnan sat as a member of the Alberta provincial Death Review committee which was established to review domestic homicides making recommendations for policy and system changes to government.  Donnan has served as a board member of the John Howard Society, the Caribou Child Advocacy Centre, the PACE Sexual Assault Centre, worked in security operations for the 2010 Winter Olympics and was the Director of Security for the 2018 Alberta Summer Games. 

Donnan retired from the RCMP in 2019 as the Officer in Charge of the Grande Prairie RCMP Detachment where he oversaw a 30% reduction in crime. Donnan resides in the RM of Mountain with his wife and family.

John Feldsted 

John Feldsted has been a conservative supporter and activist since 1961 – just over 62 years. During this time, he has learned so much, by joining EDA associations and serving in every office.

John has been involved in election campaigns in Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario at the federal, provincial and occasionally civic levels taking on many roles, including campaign manager and financial agent.
John has never run for office in deference to his late wife, who supported his activism as long as he did not run for office. She was a very private person and refused to consider becoming a politician’s wife and living in the intrusive goldfish bowl that entails.
John has attended countless party conventions, served on constitutional and policy development committees, and piloted private members’ bills through gaining party support and then through the parliamentary process.

His involvement in the Keystone Party of Manitoba is based on its commitment to return true democracy to Manitoba – governance by and of the people. The representatives we elect must be accountable to the people who elected them.

If you doubt the importance of a change, consider how much better off you are today than you were five years ago.