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Adopted June 17, 2023

Our education system has failed us. We are graduating students without the basic skills they need to transition to a trade school, university, or workplace. 

So much time is wasted on trivia that students lack basic skills in arithmetic, reading and writing. They need to learn language skills, geography, history, and civics to become productive citizens. 

Without an understanding of our governance structure, they have no touchstone with which to measure governance. 

Without an understanding of our primary law, the constitution, they cannot comprehend how our nation was formed and how it should be administered.

School curriculums cannot be prepared and adopted by teachers and bureaucrats without the approval of parents. 

We must return to the days when lessons taught at home and those learned at school were tightly integrated. Many parents are uncomfortable with sex education taught in school. They are best informed as to when their children are ready for those lessons.

Our current school system lacks accountability and standards of excellence. We need to stop funding school boards and fund children. 

Each child is an individual with widely varying talents and needs. Parents need to be able to send their children to the best school they can find. 

The resulting competition will enhance the overall quality of our education system.

Working together, we can make this happen