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Empowering MB

Adopted June 17, 2023

Manitobans are facing increasingly difficult times. We cannot sneeze without a permit from some government bureaucrat.

Our governments tell us that inflation, the cost of living, interest rates and other things that limit us are due to circumstances beyond their control. If that is so, why do we elect governments?

The truth is that political parties and the government they form are satisfied with and want to maintain the status quo, which is a Latin phrase meaning maintaining the existing state of affairs, particularly respecting social and political issues.

Currently, governments are unaccountable to the public they were designed to serve. They currently make a show of taking mid-June until mid-September off to meet with the public, but they don’t. They meet with party members are staged events and ignore other members of the public they serve.

We have a right to expect that, in troubled times, our legislature would extend its sitting hours to deal with how best to minimize harmful effects on the public.

Manitobans are capable, intelligent people who run viable households and businesses, maintain, and support their communities and treat one another with dignity and respect. We have a right to expect no less from our elected representatives.

As time passes, the status quo is steadily losing status with the public. We are effectively leaderless.

The solution is for Manitobans to band together and form a different system of governance where elected representatives are accountable to the people who elected them. They elect the people who control and manage their political party.

When the status quo fails us, we replace it. Working together, we can accomplish that using the best minds of ordinary folks who care about themselves and their neighbours.