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Adopted June 17, 2023

The Keystone Party of Manitoba recognizes the vital role our agricultural industry plays in the Manitoba economy and its vital role in providing food security for Manitobans, Canada, and the world.

Agriculture, including secondary processing and subsidiaries, accounted for about $4.975 billion or 8%

of Manitoba’s 2021 GDP. We aim to improve on that.

Together with farming and ranching representatives, we will develop a food security strategy to ensure safe, secure, and sustainable food production and an Agri-food labour strategy to ensure that farmers, ranchers, and processors can access needed workers.

Working with provincial partners and producers, the objective is to provide a predictable framework that will allow farmers and ranchers to use risk management strategies. We will lobby the federal government to modernize the Canada Grain Act, the Canadian Grain Commissions, interprovincial regulations on abattoirs, and oppose the adoption of the grocery supply code.

Working with provincial partners, we will resist the application of carbon taxes to farming and ranching operations, the arbitrary 30% reduction in farm use fertilizers and the implementation of a farm ID program.

We are committed to protecting family farm and ranch operations, to ensuring that ownership of
Manitoba farmlands remains in Manitoba, and that family farm and ranch operations can be transferred to next-generation family members without unwarranted impediments.