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Adopted June 17, 2023

Manitoba’s future and the futures of the following generations are dependent on our economy. Unless we have a robust economy, we have no means of paying for core programs, including education, health, and welfare. A healthy economy creates jobs and better pay for Manitobans.

Fortunately, we are resource-rich, and Manitoba has jurisdiction over resource development:

92A (1) In each province, the legislature may exclusively make laws in relation to:

(a) exploration for non-renewable natural resources in the province.

(b) development, conservation and management of non-renewable natural resources and forestry resources in the province, including laws in relation to the rate of primary production therefrom; and

(c) development, conservation and management of sites and facilities in the province for the generation and production of electrical energy.

We need to develop in hospitality industry training to make our tourism destination claims a reality. Inflation will drive up costs for bars, hotels, restaurants, and other attractions, which is only acceptable if we provide superior service. 

We need to develop more robust trades training and apprenticeship programs. Electricians, fabricators, plumbers, welders, and other trades will be in high demand in the future. We cannot attract industry without a skilled workforce.

We need to encourage the development of secondary industries to refine our mining and agricultural product and enable us to export enhanced value products.  Opportunities abound, and the development of our economy must be a priority.